Iodine Supplementation Issue

David Taylor Animal Nutrition Ireland

As of the 1st of May 2017 our Dairy range of minerals have been updated with revised levels of Iodine. This change is in line with revised maxium permitted levels of Iodine in Dairy Cows for Milk production. It had been found that the Iodine levels in Milk were generally too high and this was causing problems in the production of milk powders for use in infant formula. The standard level of Iodine per head per day has been reduced from between 60 and 100 mg down to 40 mg per head per day.

Research has also shown that although Iodine is deficient in the grass, the levels it was being added at were generally far in excess of the required ammounts. Also although it is essential during the precalving period and also for fertility, it is actually more important to look at the selenium levels as selenium is required to transform the iodine into the required active T3 form.

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Iodine Supplementation Issue

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