Sheep Energy Molassed Bucket U996

Composition (Sugar) Cane Molasses, Soya Bean Meal (De-Hulled produced from Genetically Modified Soya Beans), Sodium Chloride, Deflourinated Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate,Calcium Oxide, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate,Urea, Yeast Products

Product Specifications

Product Code U996
Analytical Constituents Complementary Mineral Feed for Sheep

Constituent % Constituent %
Calcium 8.00 Crude Protein 17.00
Phosphorous 2.00 Crude Fibre 0.50
Sodium 5.00 Crude Fat 4.00
Magnesium 0.10 Crude Ash 36.00
M. E. 10 mj/kg    
Additives Per Kg
Vitamins Per Kg
3a672a Vitamin A 250,000 IU
3a671 Vitamin D3 50,000 IU
3a700 Vitamin E (alphatocopherol) 2,000 mg
Trace Elements Per Kg
Iodine as 3b202 Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 40 mg
Cobalt as 3b304 Coated Granulated Cobalt Carbonate 45 mg
Copper as 3b413 Copper Chelate of Glycine Hydrate 300 mg
Manganese as 3b502 Manganese Oxide 1,000 mg
Zinc as 3b603 Zinc Oxide 2,600 mg
Selenium as 3b801 Sodium Selenite 15 mg
Urea and it’s derivatives Per Kg
3d1 Urea 100 g
Packaging 18 Kg Bucket
Use: Sheep


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